Royal Raiders

The Royal Raiders club meets on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7:00pm, at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Rankin.

Please contact Sue Neuzil at 837-2442/ or Jenny Prodell at 837-7655 for more club information.

Club Notes

Royal Raiders April 2017 Minutes

Royal Raiders March 2017 Minutes

Royal Raiders January 2017 Minutes *The date for bagging groceries is Friday, April 14th. *



Royal Raiders December 2016 Minutes


The Royal Raiders made tie blankets for the Algoma Long Term Care Unit at their November meeting.



dillon-blanket thank-you-inside thank-you-outside



Royal Raiders October 2016 Minutes

Please note that we will be getting back to you about the date and time for Nov. meeting.The church is almost done but we want to be sure we can use it in November.  Look for an email from us in the near future on this subject.  Thanks!

Royal Raiders visited El-Na Farms at their October 2016 meeting.

Royal Raiders visited El-Na Farms at their October 2016 meeting.


Royal Raiders September 2016 Minutes

Our next meeting is Monday Sept. 12th at the Fenendael’s farm at 7:00.     We will be electing new officers so please plan on attending.  We will be sharing all of our success at the fair and talking about what is to come for the 2016-2017 4H year.

Hope to see you there.

Jenny & Sue

Club picnic and Madden farm visit photos

IMG_3072 IMG_3388 IMG_3381 IMG_3378 IMG_3377 IMG_3374 IMG_3073 (1)  IMG_3076 (1) 


Enrolling in 4-H

Link to 4-H Online Program:
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Enrollment Guides

Please click on the guide name to bring up a pdf of the document. If you were a 4-H member last year, please use the instructions in the Re-enrollment Guide. If you are new to 4-H this year, please use the New Member Enrollment Guide.

2016 Kewaunee County 4-H Re-enrollment Guide (for members that were enrolled in 4-H last year)

2016 Kewaunee County 4-H New Member Enrollment Guide (for new families that have not been in 4-H before)

This guide is separated into three parts. The first portion is directions for enrolling online; the second portion is a listing of the projects a 4-H member can choose to enroll in (you will need to know what project you would like to enroll in before you fill out your online enrollment form); and the last part is some general 4-H information.