Mastery Makers

The Aging-Friendly Kewaunee County coalition has been meeting to address the needs of our older population.  One of our key objectives is to reduce loneliness and its negative impact on health by promoting volunteer work and social activities. We created short videos that highlight the Mastery Makers who are over age 60 and making a positive influence in our county.

Videography by Josh Viste, Kewaunee County Tourism Coordinator

Kewaunee County Mastery Makers
Every one of us is aging, right? We are all getting older. In fact, one in four people in Kewaunee County are aged 65 or older. Is Kewaunee County an aging-friendly place to live? The Mastery Maker program was started to keep older adults active in volunteering.

Mastery Makers in Action!
What does the Chicken Dance have to do with healthy aging? Meet Diane Dorner and Judy DeJardin, they lead exercise classes for health and happiness. Check it out and join us!

Diane Dolski: Mastery Maker
Kindness and helping others can improve your own health! Scientific studies show that volunteering in your community has positive impacts on your health and well-being. Meet Diane Dolski, she received a Mastery Maker award for making Kewaunee County more age-friendly through her volunteer work at the Lakeshore Thrift Shop and Violence Intervention Project, Inc.
Richard Sievers: Mastery Maker
Is technology your friend or foe? Meet Richard Sievers, he received a Mastery Maker award for volunteering to help older adults learn to use technology.

Norene Giese: Mastery Maker
February is the month of Love. Meet Norene Giese, she has one of the biggest hearts in Kewaunee County! Norene received a Mastery Maker Award for her age-friendly volunteer work with the Apron Gang.

Cindy Tang: Mastery Maker
Where can you find doctors who find time in their busy schedules to answer your questions for free? At the Kewaunee Health and Fitness Center! Cindy Tang explains how you can attend the presentations by local doctors.

We give a shout-out to Terry Dammen who received a Mastery Maker award for making Kewaunee County more aging-friendly by planning and scheduling the presentations. 
Kay Ratajczak: Mastery Maker
The best parks in Kewaunee County are supported by older volunteers! Meet Kay Ratajczak, she received a Mastery Maker award for helping to raise funds for Bruemmer Park & Zoo. 
Wendy Vlies: Mastery Maker
What makes a good hero? A hero gives hope! Meet Wendy Vlies. She received a Mastery Maker award for raising awareness of mental health and suicide prevention in Kewaunee County.
Janice Gilbertson: Mastery Maker
The future is bright for early readers in Kewaunee County! Meet Janice Gilbertson, she received a Mastery Maker award for bringing together older adults who read to children through the Wisconsin Bookworms program. The Wisconsin Bookworms program has been reaching Kewaunee County children for nearly 25 years.
Jan Tess: Mastery Maker
Jan talks about the wonderful community gardens in Kewaunee County.
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