Upcoming Classes & Workshops

For more information and to register, contact Renee Koenig at 388-7137 or renee.koenig@wisc.edu. Ask about in-person and Zoom video classes.

Taking Care of You: Body, Mind, Spirit

  • Learn healthier habits for coping with life’s challenges.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers of Children With Special Health Needs

  • For family caregivers of children (including adult children) with special needs.
  • The program will provide tools and strategies to help you handle the unique challenges you face.

Aging Mastery Program

  • For adults in their later years of life.
  • Learn strategies and set goals for aging well involving exercise, nutrition, finances, advance care planning, community engagement, and healthy relationships.

Mental Health First Aid

  • For any adults who regularly interact with youth.
  • Learn how to help a young person in crisis or having a mental health challenge.

Trauma Informed Caregiving

  • For anyone caring for children or teens who have experienced trauma.
  • Learn about traumatic stress and how to help children develop healthy behaviors.

Divorce and Co-parenting Support

  • For divorcing, separating or unmarried parents.
  • Learn ways to reduce conflict and help children cope with family challenges.
  • Also receive weekly supportive text messages.

Raising A Thinking Child

  • For caregivers of children ages 4-7.
  • Learn to help children solve problems on their own and argue less.

How to Handle Stress on the Farm (from Michigan State University Extension)

  • The online course is designed to help farmers and their families understand the signs and symptoms of chronic stress.

Home Alone: Preparing Children for Self-Care (in Spanish, en Espanol)

  • For parents and their school-age children.
  • The program provides safety lessons to prepare children for unsupervised time alone at home.

Money Matters

  • Learn basic budgeting and cost-saving steps to improve your family finances.

For more information and to register, contact Renee Koenig at 388-7137 or renee.koenig@wisc.edu