Farm Stress

The ongoing economic conditions in agriculture are taking a financial toll on Wisconsin farm families and their rural communities. The associated chronic stress is also impacting mental and physical well-being, relationships and decision-making. Extension helps farmers, families, businesses, and communities remain resilient by learning how to manage stress and how to use financial planning tools to make sound decisions for the future.

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Farming can be stressful. We have compiled information on farm stress resiliency, dealing with farm and family loss, youth stress, helping men under crisis, married to farm stress, and more.

Dealing with Farm and Family Loss

Farm Stress Resiliency

Farm Youth Stress and Challenges

From One Dairy Girl to the Next

Helping Farm Men Under Crisis

Market Reality, Stress & Grief

Married to Farm Stress

7 Trends That Explain The Contours Of Wisconsin’s Deepening Dairy Crisis

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Throttle Back on Stress

Managing Farm Stress