Landmark Farm


A LANDMARK FARM is farm located in Kewaunee County or the adjoining townships of the adjacent  counties of Door, Brown, and Manitowoc, which choose to be a sponsor for Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days 2017.  It is a working farm, producing agricultural goods.  Dairy, livestock, cash grain, vegetables and    specialty farming of all sizes and scales make up the diversity of Kewaunee County’s agricultural landscape, which we want to celebrate.

Whether large or small, whether the farm has been in your family for a short time or a lifetime, we want to offer you this limited time opportunity to have your farm and family’s name associated with this great agricultural showcase.

We are seeking $300 per LANDMARK FARM.  This gift will support the general fund of Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days event.  Any remaining funds after the event will stay in Kewaunee County and be dispersed by agricultural peer committee to youth education, outreach and other agricultural related opportunities.


Hosting Farm Technology Days is an honor for our county that may not come around again for decades to come. Your gift to the LANDMARK FARM project entitles you special recognition during the show and for years to come.

Each sponsoring farm will receive the following:

*LANDMARK FARM signage award that will be presented during the Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days

*Two paragraph synopsis of farm history and introduction on stage at Kewaunee Farm Technology Days

*2 FREE Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days tickets

* Your farm name displayed on the LANDMARK FARM sign to be located within Kewaunee County thereafter