Kewaunee County Community Gardens

What is the Community Garden?

Community gardens are available for residents in Kewaunee County, and are located Algoma, Kewaunee, and Luxemburg.

  • Kewaunee:  Located at 915 3rd St., Kewaunee, on the Kewaunee School District Agriculture Grounds
  • Algoma:  Located at 1528 Sunset Ave, Algoma, behind Kewaunee County Food Pantry.
  • Luxemburg: Located at 700 Heritage Road, Luxemburg, behind St. John’s Church.

Each gardener can rent a plot for $25 per growing year and will receive a 20′ X 20′ plot. Each gardener has access to on-site water and port-a-potty through out the growing season.

  • Corn will be planted and available for plot renters.
  • Special vine crop area.

Kewaunee Community Garden


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Kewaunee County Community Garden Guidelines and Kewaunee School District Agreement 2021

Kewaunee Community Garden Interest for 2021 – Word

Kewaunee Community Garden Interest for 2021 – PDF



Algoma Community Garden

For Algoma Community Garden, contact Sharon Wahlers at 920-487-5876

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Luxemburg Community Garden

For Luxemburg Community Garden, contact Charles Piesler, 920-328-8704

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Garden Pictures

Master Gardeners

garden handsMaster Gardeners are individuals who have an interest in horticulture, have taken Master Gardener training offered by UW-Extension and share their time and expertise with others. It is the acquisition of knowledge, the skill in gardening, and giving back to the community that distinguishes UW-Extension Master Gardeners from other gardeners.

For more information, including volunteer time sheets, please click here.

Jardín de comunidad

  • Usted puede alquilar un pedazo de tierra aproximadament de 20 pies por 20 pies.
  • Un pago pequeño cubrirá el agua, cultivando anualmente y un baño portable.
  • El jardín esta ubicado al sur de Kewaunee en Baumeister Dr.

Cuadros del jardín de la comunidad


If you have any questions regarding Horticulture in Kewaunee County, please contact:

Aerica Bjurstrom
Kewaunee County – UW Extension
810 Lincoln Avenue
Kewaunee, WI 54216
Phone: 920-388-7138
Fax: 920-388-7159
Office Hours: M-F, 8 am to 4:30 pm

Erin Dahle – Program Assistant
Phone: 920-388-7141